The 4 Venti restaurant offers specialties created according to the precious secrets of the local and national culinary tradition. In an inviting environment from the veranda that offers a spectacular seafront view, each dish is a triumph of flavors, colors and smells typical of the place accompanied by selected wines. Mediterranean cuisine enhances local products and offers them in a modern way, offering high quality dishes based on fish and meat.

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Hotel 4 venti

via Amerigo Vespucci 35/1 – 16037 Riva Trigoso (GE)
Telefono: (+39) 0185 42.336
Celluare: (+39) 349 63.54.277
Fax. 0185 45.80.74
C.F. 02447070109 – P.IVA 00183910991
E-mail :

Large dining room for

A spacious indoor salon offering a spectacular seafront view
welcomes your guests in a unique setting in which each dish is a triumph of typical local flavours,
colours and scents accompanied by selected wines.
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